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Oded Shoam

Oded Shoham

Oded Shoham, born in Israel and raised in America, is arguably the most experienced wine personality...
Adam Montefiore

Adam Montefiore

Adam Montefiore, born in England, has been advancing Israeli wine for over 30 years. He is a wine in...

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The Israel Wine Experience provides:
 WINE TOURS,  WINE TASTINGS, GOOD ISRAELI FOOD and LECTURES to tourists both from abroad and from within Israel. On the wine tour, which combines Biblical sites and stories, amazing Israeli landscapes and authentic views, you will have the opportunity to visit and experience the Israeli wine-making tradition.
The Israel Wine Experience Team will provide you a well-planned adventure of authentic wineries, hikes through vineyards and particular wine region sights and opportunities to meet unique wine makers with vision and wine passion. The Israeli wine tour will expose you to the Israeli agriculture development which is well accepted phenomenon in the world of wine.

Our wine professionals are some of today's renowned Israeli wine personalities,with domestic and overseas experience. They lecture and guide our visitors thru Israel's rich wine history.

News and Events

Israel Wine Experience will introduce you the best Israeli wines and will make sure you can obtain them anywhere in the world.

The story of Israeli wine is the story of a journey from sweet sacramental wines to world class single vineyard wines

A short brief on the 5 top wine regions in Israel

We offer tutored tastings. The theme of the tasting can be agreed in advance to take in different regions, wine styles, particular varieties or vintages.

The tasting will be conducted by a wine professional with many years of experience in wine education.. The objective is to make it fun but also to be informative. The wines will be chosen from our prestigious Handcrafted Wines of Israel selection. A tasting can be held in an office, restaurant or winery. The flexibility to decide is yours, the professionalism is on us

We urge you not to sit on the sidelines, but to become an active participant in the exciting blossoming of the Israeli wine scene. We recommend that you come to Israel and see the country through the prism of its wine industry.

Whether your interest is history, people, religion, gastronomy or wine, you can really get to know Israel through its wine regions, wineries & wines. Whether planning a visit to the Galilee or  Negev, there is plenty to see… and taste!

We urge you to come on a winery tour to the region of your choice, accompanied by the most experienced people in Israeli wine.


The Israel Wine Experience also gives lectures to entertain and inform about Israeli wine. You can choose one of our experts as a guest speaker to give the story of Israeli wine since Biblical times up to the exciting developments of today. We also organize wine events to suit your wishes, and they can be adapted to fit in with your venue and program.