Golan Heights Region

Full Day Tour

The tour will prove that any hour of the day is perfect for Trying Israeli wines. The rhythm of the tour will be peaceful and pleasant, exactly like enjoying a glass of local high quality wine.

There will be a stop for lunch at one of the many local excellent restaurants in the region. There is an option of dinner in one of the top grade Israeli restaurants that are wine-wise.

After a day of excellent wines and good food you will remember the day as your "Israel Wine Experience".

Full Day Tours include:

Katlav Winery – Nes Haarim

The winery was founded in 2003 by Mr. Yossi Itach.

Mr. Itach was a very successful Jerusalem based architect who made a decision to change his lifestyle. He planted grapes, built a winery and make wines that show the best of the Judean Hills output. Mr. Itach has hand built his new winery and his visitors center. Mr. Itach created a gem.

Sea Horse Winery – Moshav Bar Giora

Mr. Zev Dunia is a former film maker who decided in 1994 to drop into the wine world after making a movie about wine. He left the film industry and never looked back.

Mr. Dunia produces wine from Zinfandel, Syrah, Carignan (old vine) grapes, and his winery actually resembles a Rhone Valley Winery more than the traditional Bordeaux style like many of Israel’s other wineries. Mr. Dunia is a unique person and has a wine philosophy worth tasting and hearing about. Being a former film maker his wines have names like Fellini, Take Two and more.

Flam Winery – Eshtaol

The Flam Winery was created by the three children Golan (winemaker), Gilad (marketing) and Geffen (Winery Visitors Center manager) of ex Carmel Winery Chief Winemaker Israel Flam. They produce some of the best wines in Israel and have received International recognition.

Tzora Vineyards – Kibbutz Tzora

Kibbutz Tzora is Israel's first kibbutz boutique winery. This successful award winning winery was founded by Ronny James and Oded Shoham in 1993. Located in the Samson valley, this area is famous for being the home of Samson and Delilah.

The Winery produces wines from three single-vineyards in the Judean Hills, and has been recognized as one of the best wineries in Israel.

Our Tours include wines tasting from all 3 vineyards and the sampling of olive oil that is also produced onsite.

Mony Winery – Dir Rafat

The winery was founded in 2000 by the Artoul family who moved to the Judean Hills from the Galilee and has been the caretaker of the Dir Rafat Monastery and its agricultural lands for 15 years.

The winery has a unique cellar that has been dug out under the Monastery and a breathtaking view of the Soreq Valley.

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