Most dynamic region, with boutique wineries and small cuvee winemaking.

The Judean Hills is in the center of the country, on the slopes rising towards the Jerusalem mountains. The region has undergone a renaissance since the early 1990’s. It can be characterized by numerous boutique wineries making wine from individual plots in small vineyards reflecting the local terroir. The soils are shallow terra rossa on a limestone bedrock and the vineyards rise from 400 to 900 meters above sea level.



The wineries which may be visited in the Judean Hills wine region include:


Agur – Cabinet maker turned into artisan winemaker

Clos de Gat –  Israel’s most authentic estate winery

Castel (K) – Set the standards of quality & style in Israel

Ella Valley (K) – Beautiful vineyards where David fought Goliath

Flam (K) – Second generation family winemakers

Katlav – Back to basics architect makes wine

Montefiore (K) – Family story representing both the history of Israel & of  Israeli wine

Mony (K) – Israeli Arab Christian family making kosher wines

Tzora (K) – Wines made by Israel’s first Master of Wine

Zafririn – Garagiste owned by archaeologists

Wine tour region:

Full Day Tour

Full Day Tour

Israel Wine Experience runs full day tours centered on excellent wine and good food in one of the most breathtaking areas of Israel.
The tour will prove that any hour of the day is perfect for trying Israeli wines.

Luxury One Week Tour

Luxury One Week Tour

Israel Wine Experience invites you to enjoy and to sample the excellent wines and enjoy the peaceful surroundings.

Half Day Tour

Half Day Tour

Israel Wine Experience will take you on a half day of excellent wine and good food in one of the most breathtaking areas of Israel.