Mt. Carmel & Sharon Plain Region

The most traditional and historic wine region in Israel

The Mt. Carmel wine region is situated on the northern coast in the valleys of Mount Carmel, south of Haifa, where Baron Edmond de Rothschild first planted vineyards in the 1880’s. This signified the rebirth of an Israel wine industry after 2,000 years. It leads into the Sharon Plain, north of Tel Aviv, where quite a few wineries are situated. The region is affected by the moderating effect of the Mediterranean Sea. Soils are calcareous clay, terra rossa, chalk and limestone. Elevations are up to 200 meters above sea level.



The wineries which may be visited in the Mt. Carmel & Sharon wine region include:


Bar Maor – Individualistic, non-interference winemaking

Carmel (K)Historic winery of Israel

Dadah (K) – Salute to Grandmother’s winemaking roots in Morocco

Gros (K)Etrog grower turned vineyard owner & winemaker

Margalit – Israel’s first cult wine

Somek – Fifth generation grower turned winemaker

Recanati (K)Mediterranean style wines

Tishbi (K)Wine & chocolate surprise

Vitkin (K)Creative, unique and innovative

Wine tour region:

Full Day Tour

Full Day Tour

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Luxury One Week Tour

Luxury One Week Tour

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Half Day Tour

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