Golan Heights Region

Full Day Tour

The tour will prove that any hour of the day is perfect for trying Israeli wines. The rhythm of the tour will be peaceful and pleasant, exactly like enjoying a glass of local high quality wine.

There will be a stop for lunch at one of the many local excellent restaurants in the region. There is an option of dinner in one of the top grade Israeli restaurants that are wine-wise.

After a day of excellent wines and good food you will remember the day as your "Israel Wine Experience".

Full Day Tours include:

Kadesh Barnea Winery

In 1977 a group of pioneers, who had just completed their army service, turned to the Sinai Desert with the intention of joining the national collective effort of making the desert bloom. The group settled in Kadesh Barnea (Kseima) in the Sinai desert.

Following the peace agreements with Egypt in 1979, the group was forced to duplicate their Sinai settlement in the Negev. The pioneers chose to settle in the Nitzana area as they recognized its potential for agricultural development and also because of its proximity to the Sinai.

The Kadesh Bernea Winery was established by Nira and Alon Zadock in 2000 on the family´s agricultural plot on the moshav. The winery is a boutique winery, defined as a family winery which doesn´t produce more than 100,000 bottles.

Sde-Boker Winery

In 1999 the winery was established for the purpose of producing high quality wines made from grapes grown at Sde-Boker.

Sde-Boker is located in the south of Israel in the Har-HaNegev (Negev Heights) region of the Negev Desert. The elevation is 490 meters (15,560 feet) above sea level.

The summer temperatures are kept comfortable during the day by a prevailing wind from the Northwest. This wind also keeps the vines relatively clear of some of the more prevalent grape diseases.

In the winter nighttime temperatures can drop below freezing, and while snow is not common it is also not unheard of.

It is the climate with its drastic differences between daytime and nighttime temperatures along with the sunlight both direct and reflected from the light Loess soil that help provide the special flavor of grapes grown here.

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