Golan Heights Region

Full Day Tour

Israel Wine Experience runs full day tours centered on excellent wine and good food in one of the most breathtaking areas of Israel.
The tour will prove that any hour of the day is perfect for Trying Israeli wines. The rhythm of the tour will be peaceful and pleasant, exactly like enjoying a glass of local high quality wine.
There will be a stop for lunch at one of the many local excellent restaurants in the region. There is an option of dinner in one of the top grade Israeli restaurants that are wine-wise.
After a day of excellent wines and good food you will remember the day as your "Israel Wine Experience". A Day to remember of wine tasting, great scenery and history.

Full Day Tours include:
Bazelet-Hagolan Winery
The secret of the charm and high quality of the Bazelt-HaGolan Wines are the basalt soil of the Golan Heights. This winery was the first boutique winery of the Golan Heights.
In every step of the wine making process, knowledge and professionalism are invested.

Château Golan Winery
Château Golan Winery, located in the southern area of the Golan Heights, opened its doors in the summer of 1999. The vineyards, fully owned by the winery, are planted, not too far from the Château, above the point where the Yarmuk and Roked rivers meet.
The winery sits in a unique château that combines wine and art together in harmony. Elements of art can be found throughout the winery, and each Château Golan product reflects a strong emphasis on aesthetics and art.

Assaf Winery and Kedem Wine Village
The Kedem family has been growing vineyards since 1990 and producing wines from 1997. Assaf Winery was founded in 2004 and moved the Kedem Wine Village in 2012.
Kedem Wine Village includes Assaf Winery,Adika coffee house and 3 peaceful cabins.

Golan Heights Winery
The Golan Heights Winery produces premium varietals, proprietary blends and traditional method sparkling wines, marketed under the labels "Yarden", "Gamla" and "Golan".
By combining state-of-the-art technology with traditional vinification techniques, the Winery has succeeded in producing award-winning wines, firmly placing Israel on the international wine map.

Ortal Winery
Kibbutz Ortal planted it's first vineyards in 1983, supplying the grapes to the Golan Heights Winery. Ortal Winery was founded in 2009, and is part of the second wave of  boutique wineries from the Golan Heights! 


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